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The government has been taking people’s land for years, and it has several tools it uses to do so.  Typically, it will start by making what it calls a “fair market value” offer that some property owners interpret as their best possible option.  The government wants you to think there is no reason to question it and there are no good alternatives.

But there are options.  And you certainly do not have to take the first offer presented to you.  Maybe the government is taking a sliver of your property needed to widen a highway or a major piece of land needed for significant infrastructure improvements. Or maybe it eliminated or made changes in access that will have a damaging effect on your property. The law provides that landowners are entitled to what the land is worth as well as compensation for how their remaining property’s value is harmed.

At Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease, we have for decades represented private property owners – individuals, businesses and developers – in condemnation matters and when the government uses its power to take property through eminent domain.  Our team understands the tactics of governments at municipal, county, state and federal levels and knows exactly what to expect.

We fight relentlessly on behalf of our clients in just about every county in Ohio. We support and believe in the constitutional right of land owners to receive just compensation – meaning full, fair and complete compensation – for land taken via eminent domain.